As experts struggle to find a cure for the Covid-19 virus, we find ourselves grounded in our homes most of the time nowadays. As we crave for the things that we used to do before the pandemic, the isolation takes a toll on our physical wellbeing and mental health. One way to keep ourselves productive at home is by raising succulent plants.

Succulent plants brighten up the mood because of the beauty brought about by their fresh earthly colors and striking shapes. These certainly never fail to provide accents to the bland paint finish of any room, but there’s more to that than just being an aesthetic addition to any place.

Here are more advantages you can get from succulent plants in relation to your physical and mental health:

1. Better Mood, Focus and Productivity

The major health benefit provided by house plants is their ability to release oxygen and carbon dioxide. Aside from giving one of the basic elements needed to sustain life, they also remove harmful toxins in the air.

A National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) research found out that indoor plants can eliminate up to 87 percent of toxins in the air in only 24 hours. So with a fresher air in your lungs and without the inconvenience brought about by air pollutants, stress is reduced and focus is improved.

Furthermore, an NBC News article claims that house plants can increase concentration and productivity by up to 15 percent. This is the reason why it is highly recommended that you keep them in your workplace too.

2. Optimal and More Rejuvenating Sleep

In general, plants reverse the carbon dioxide and oxygen conversion process at night. As sunlight becomes unavailable during that period, photosynthesis stops. Therefore, they use up oxygen and release carbon dioxide. This is not the case with snake plants and other succulents though. This is what makes them ideal as bedroom plants and decors.

3. Prevents Diseases

It is hard to gamble with our health on the line these days, especially in these trying times brought about by the Coronavirus. The good news is that house plants like succulents help in preventing the spread or development of diseases, particularly in a closed environment.

Plants produce around 10 percent of the water in the atmosphere. With the better water content in an area, its humidity is improved. The balanced moisture in the air aid in preventing dry skin, dry cough, sore throat, and allergies. According to a study by the Agricultural University of Norway conducted years ago in a controlled environment, it was found out that the presence of plants in offices decreases sickness rates by about 60 percent.

Start Planting Succulents Now

In the long run, house plants can lead to a more relaxing and healthier home or office space. Its effects lead to a happier life as well.

The most ideal way to make your home greener is by planting succulents. Succulent plants offer a hassle-free way of gardening because they do not require so much watering, and they only need minimal maintenance.

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