Succulents like CAL Farms 2″ Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents are an excellent way to add greenery to your homes and offices, as well as to improve the air quality in those spaces by removing environmental toxins. Indoor air is two to fives times more contaminated than outdoor air. The build up of toxic gasses, for example, could have harmful effects on our health. Substances such as chemical-based cleaners, air fresheners, and detergents can pollute the indoor air and contribute to poor health of those living in the space.

Plants, on the other hand, naturally absorb carbon dioxide and makes your homes and offices healthier. The stagnant air quality indoors could be solved by placing succulents in your homes and offices.

Pollutants Indoors

Studies have shown that there are over 900 dangerous biological and chemical pollutants that could affect the quality of the air we breathe indoors. The worst pollutants are formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, ethyl acetate, chloroform, trichloroethylene, acetone, and ammonia. These pollutants can either trigger or worsen allergies and asthma, and they can cause serious medical conditions and issues, including various types of cancer.

Did you know that some buildings and homes have been found to contain 90-percent air pollution because of these chemicals? Imagine how that could affect your health. The usual sources of these harmful toxins and dangerous chemicals are ovens, varnishes, carpets, lacquers, paint, rubber, plastic, gas stoves, tobacco smoke, household cleaners, fabrics, furniture, and paneling. All of these are present in your homes and offices, and may indirectly be causing your asthma and allergies.

In offices, another serious contributor to indoor air pollution is ozone, which is created from laser printers, copy machines, ultraviolet lights, and some electrostatic air purification systems. Ozone is an odorless and colorless gas that is formed when chemicals react with the presence of oxygen. It is invisible to the eye, so we don’t know that it’s affecting our health or that it is present at all.

Household Plants Purify Indoor Air

Published as NASA Clean Air Study, this 1998 research concluded that many plants have the ability to cleanse the air from unwanted and unwarranted air pollution. Air-purifying plants are the most effective, cost-efficient, and simplest way to get rid of toxins and pollutants in indoor air.

Aside from cleaning the air, houseplants also have the ability to boost the production and concentration of people living or using the enclosed space. The study said that having plants indoors can improve the mood, enhance the memory, reduce stress, and help with the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

The NASA study suggested that there should be three plants in 10-inch containers for every 100 square feet. This is a general guideline, of course, since various enclosed spaces have different requirements. The plants have to be tested first for its suitability in the space.

There are six succulent plants that are perfect for purifying indoor air. These are Aloe Vera, Corn Plant, Janet Craig, Red-Edged Dracaena, Warneckii, and Snake Plant. Simply place these plants around your homes or office spaces, and you will have a healthier environment that could boost your production at work and your overall health.

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