The trickiest thing about taking care of succulents like CAL Farms Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents is finding the right amount of water each type of plant needs. Most, if not all, succulent owners overwater their plants because they do not know the proper way to take care of them. Every person who owns or once owned a succulent plant struggle with overwatering or under-watering. This will cause the plant to wither or even die. This should not be how you take care of the succulents.

You’ll be so thrilled to know that there are a few tricks to remember when it comes to watering the plants. However, before getting to know the pointers for watering the succulents, you need to take note of the top mistakes we make when it comes to watering succulent plants. Once you managed to overcome these mistakes, you’ll be ahead of the game and will be able to prevent overwatering the plants.

Mistake #1: Using a Container Without a Draining Hole

A succulent plant can survive in a container or pot without draining holes. However, you have to put in a lot more work when you don’t have a container with the proper drainage hole. That is why when watering plants, it is highly important that you choose a pot with drainage holes in them. This will keep the succulent plants properly drained of water and will ensure that the plants are not going to be overwatered.

There are many potteries available in the market that are stylish but have the proper drainage holes. You only have to choose your poison. Drainage holes will keep the soil properly moist but would keep the needed nutrients present for the plants to absorb.

Mistake #2: Using Poor-draining Soil

Another mistake that succulent owners do is to use poor-draining soil. Succulents cannot sit too long in watered soil. So, in addition to using a container or a pot with drainage holes, you also need to use soil that drains properly. The bottom line is that succulent plants cannot sit in wet soil for a very long time, or it will simply wither and die, too.

Mistake #3: Using a Spray Bottle for Watering

Most owners think that they simply have to spritz water on succulents because the plants need very minimal water. This is wrong. Succulent plants like to be soaked. The reason why some plants struggle is because they are not getting enough water since their owners think they don’t need much.

The best way to water succulents is to use a can with a long spout. That way, you can water the plants directly on the roots and not on top of the plant. The can holds enough water to soak two to three pots indoors. If you have succulents outdoors, you should have a bigger water can for them, so you won’t have to refill the can again and again when you’re watering the plants.

Remember these pointers about watering succulents, and you have a good chance of seeing your indoor plants thrive and beautify your space.

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