A grow tent for succulents is a great way to make sure that your plants like the CAL Farms 2″ Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents thrive all-year-round, especially during the harsh winter conditions. The lack of sunlight indoors will make it hard for the succulents to thrive but using a grow tent and grow lights will allow the plants to survive throughout the extreme weather conditions.

If you are living in a state that gets the harshest of winters, you probably bring your succulents indoors all the time unless you’re growing the cold hardy varieties. Sure, succulents can grow indoors but the lack of sunlight and fresh air can cause the plants to get sick or die. Using grow lights is a great option, but the best grow lights for succulents can be too bright for normal viewing.

Contain Grow Lights

If you want your succulents to thrive indoors, you need powerful and bright grow lights. Some grow lights are colored pink or yellow and these are too harsh to use indoors. Can you imagine living in a space with bright pink lights? If you have the extra room for your succulents, then you’re all good. But if you cannot be in the same room with the succulents, then you better just use a grow tent for the plants.

When the grow tent is zipped up, the lights are contained inside and you won’t see the light from outside. The tent is reflective, too, which means that the lights will be used to its maximum level. When the grow lights are not contained, some of the lights will be wasted because they won’t be focused and touching the plants.

You can be able to adjust the lights and you know how long the succulents are exposed to the lights. If the plants start to show signs of sunburn, you can simply minimize the lights and move the lights further from the succulents. But if the succulents are stretching out, you can move the lights closer to the plants.

Protect Your Succulents, Kids, and Pets with a Grow Tent

Another good reason why you need to place succulents inside a grow tent is to keep children away from them. Some succulents have thorns and that could cause problems with children and pets. They could also knock the succulents over.

This is also great if you have pets. The zipper of the grow tent is placed on top, keeping it safe from your naughty kids and pets. If there are any succulents in your tent that could be harmful like the Euphorbias, grow tents are another way to protect your animals from the plants.

You should also install a ventilation system inside the grow tent. This will provide a great air circulation for the plants, allowing the soil to dry quickly. Air circulation, if you don’t already know, is crucial to the health of the plants. As we all know, there isn’t much of air circulation indoors, so a ventilation system will help in the survival of the plants. The system can able to mimic the airflow outdoors, making the succulents healthier.

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