5 Reasons Why You Need To Include Succulent Plants In Your Events

A question that you may need to think carefully about when planning an event is what kind of flowers you want for it. Weddings would use roses, tulips, hydrangeas, daisies, and sometimes, orchids. Baptisms would use wisteria, angel’s breath, white roses, and daisies. A garden birthday celebration can make use of sunflowers to give off that summery vibe. Where does succulent plants like CAL Farms 2″ Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents fit in all of these?

Succulent plants fit event stylists and celebrants who want the elegance of plants and flowers, but none of the frills and pomp that accompany them.

Unique Souvenir Idea

What are the usual souvenirs you get from an event? Ref magnets, snowballs, crystal glasses, pens, monogrammed items… these are some of the very ordinary souvenirs that event stylists and celebrants often have prepared for you. And sure, you appreciate the gesture and the generosity of every gift you receive, but it’s nice to be able to receive something interesting and unique… something alive! Succulents make for great souvenirs because it’s not every day you get a living thing in return of attending a wedding or a birthday.

Great Placeholders

Upon entering an event place, what will usually greet you is the registration table. It would have, among others, the list of expected attendees. You would sign off your name and check the table number you are assigned. It’s practical, but certainly uncreative. Instead of using the old pen and paper, you can use mini succulents to hold the names of the attendees and the corresponding table numbers they are assigned to. This is such an eye-catching detail that your guests would surely love.

Fun and Gorgeous Centerpieces

Attending events means a chance of seeing gorgeous centerpieces and posting them on your Facebook and Instagram feeds. Florists always have a way with them when it comes to designing these elegant masterpieces that steal the show every single event. But how bored are we becoming with the usual roses and towering tulips? Succulents make for great centerpieces because they are equally adorable and charming.

Greenery Calms and Relaxes People

An event can get stressful both for the organizer and the attendees. Food could be served late. Suppliers could arrive late. The flowers could wilt. Some of the guests could be rowdy. These are just some of the instances when an event could go awry. Succulents will add a touch of greenery on an otherwise stressful (but always fun) events. It could help relax people and could easily be a topic for those who are interested in the styling of the event. Studies have shown that whenever we are surrounded by greenery, we feel more relaxed and calm, which are pretty good states of mind when we are organizing a party or attending one.

Manageable and Does Not Wilt Easily

Unlike flowers that could wilt in a matter of hours if not put in a vase with enough volume of water, succulents are very manageable and they do not wilt even if they are placed in the event place days ahead of the event. This takes the stress and pressure off the stylists who need to take care of all these during the event day itself.

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