5 Important Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Succulent Plants

Anyone can take care and maintain succulent plants. You don’t have to be a green thumb to maintain these plants. As long as you know a few basics, you will never go wrong.

Taking care of succulent plants shouldn’t be difficult at all. Succulents are actually low-maintenance plants and they look good all-year round. If you have succulents in your homes, you only need to follow these five tips to make sure they live a healthy life:

1. Use Less Water

We all know that succulents don’t like too much water, right? Or no? This is a crucial part of taking care of your succulent plants. They don’t like being watered every hour or every day, in fact. You can lose succulents by overwatering it.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that succulents love being watered. You get the difference? They don’t like being watered too much, but they need water, too.

What you should do is to water the succulents regularly, but make sure the soil has been dried up before watering it again. Here’s another tip: if your succulents have plenty of leaves, that means it needs less water.

2. Mix Well-Draining Soil

Now that you already know that your CAL Farms Beautiful Assorted Succulents need more intervals in watering than the actual watering, you might have realized that it means a well-draining soil is needed. It can be hard to find the right mixture of soil that has a good drainage capability, but you can make one by mixing vermiculite and coconut coir to turn the soil light and porous.

3. Place Them Under the Sunlight

Don’t take it literally. You cannot put the succulents under direct heat or sunlight because they are prone to sunburns. They need a lot of sun, though, so what you can do is to take them out to your balcony or your garden and put them in a shaded and cool place.

You just have to make sure that there is still enough light getting to them. If your succulents are inside, place them somewhere where they can receive an early morning light.

If you notice that the succulents are getting tiny brown or black spots on the leaves, that means they are getting sunburned. Move them away from the sunlight and place them where the light can still get to them, but not that direct.

4. Multiply Them

If you want a succulent garden, that is easy enough to do. By simply cutting off a leaf from your current succulent and planting that into a damp soil, you grow your very own succulent garden. Once you have grown your collection of succulents, you can then give them as gifts to your friends or you can even turn it into a business.

5. Experiment with Them

There is a formula, of course, on how you should take care of your succulents. However, not every formula works for the best. You’ll soon find out that every succulent plant is different and that every one of these requires a different level of sun exposure, water, and damp soil.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with them. As long as you’re checking up on them, you won’t miss any signs that they’re dying already.

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