What To Do When Your Succulents Are Too Tall

We love it when our outdoor plants grow tall because they provide shade, and they are aesthetically pleasing. However, this is not the case with succulents like CAL Farms 20 of 2″ Beautiful Rosettes Succulents because these plants are meant to be short and stocky. They are meant for indoors and so getting too tall may not exactly be the plan we have in mind for them.

The reason why succulents are too tall is that they don’t get as much light as they need. Don’t panic if your succulents are too tall for your liking. This is quite normal when the plants are being grown indoors.

Technically, succulents are slow growing and it will take some time before they grow at the right height and width you want. So, it is amazing when the plants stretch out fast when they are not getting enough light. The technical term for that is etiolation.

Lack of Sunlight

Succulents stretch out when they don’t get enough sunlight. One of the tell-tale signs that the plants are not getting enough light is when they begin to bend or stretch to the light source. That’s the first sign that you need to place your plants under direct light. As the plants grow taller, there will be more space left between the leaves.

You will notice that the leaves are smaller and their color is lighter compared to the normal leaves. Generally, the lack of sunlight would also cause the succulents to lose their green color and the intensity of its original color. You may think that this is a problem only for indoor succulents. That’s a false assumption because outdoor succulents could also lose the intensity of their color when they are placed under the shade for too long.

Is It Healthy?

The lack of sunlight is naturally unhealthy for the plants but it does not mean that they will die immediately. They will continue to grow but they won’t be as healthy-looking as the succulents that grow under the right light.

Don’t be too complacent, though. Just because your succulents continue to grow does not mean that they will not die without sunlight. They will but it will take one to two years to happen if the succulents continue to be under low light.

Saving Stretched Out Succulents

Once the succulents begin to stretch out, they won’t revert back to their original form. The shape and height would continue to grow out and they won’t have that compact look that we’ve come to love about succulents.

To save the succulents, cut the top of the plant with sharp scissors. Leave at least an inch or two on the base with two to three leaves. You can choose to have a completely bare base and the succulents will eventually grow new sets of stems and leaves at the right height. We found, however, that leaving a few leaves on the base is better.

After watering the plant and providing it with enough sunlight, the plants will eventually grow again. This time, make sure that you will provide it with the right amount of sunlight.

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