Best Sources To Learn About Succulents

If you want to become good at growing succulents or any kinds of cacti plants, you need accurate information about its physical structure, its propagation, the right maintenance schedule, and the materials used to take care of these plants. The skill of taking care and growing succulents is not something you can just “wing.” You need the right information if you are to grow these plants in your own garden or even turn this passion into a profitable business.

Do you want to know how to take care of succulents, the proper way of propagating it, and choosing the right varieties for your garden? Have you ever considered going back to school or taking an online course that will teach you everything you need to know about these plants?

Before enrolling in an actual university or for an online course, you need first to know what you’re going into. The study of plants and the practice of garden cultivation and management is called horticulture. This is an actual job for many people and they make a profit by growing and managing gardens and plants. It is not to be taken lightly. You cannot say that someone is a horticulturist just because he has a “green thumb.” Before beginning to learn about succulents, you need to first learn to respect the science that defines it.

University Courses

Find out if the local university or college in your area has a department or institute of horticulture. This department will cover the course about succulents and cacti. The courses are usually just around 100 hours to finish, so you should be done easily and armed with enough knowledge to get your succulent garden going. Taking the course isn’t expensive as well. Some universities will offer the course for only $500. You get to spend that little money and learn everything you need about growing succulent plants and managing a garden.

Online Courses

Of course, if you don’t have the time to attend an actual university course, you can take it online. Meaning, your professor or instructor will send the manuals and the reading materials to you. After which, you will be given an assignment and you will be graded accordingly. The instructor is tasked to guide you as you complete the assignment and if necessary, provide comments, suggestions, and inputs to turn you into a better succulent gardener.

YouTube Videos

Don’t have the money to spend on an actual course about succulent? Want to do this sparingly? No worries because you can still learn plenty of things via free YouTube videos made by experts and vloggers. Just browse through the internet to find well-known succulent experts and see if they have made tutorial videos about succulents. You can find these videos on YouTube and you can digest as many information as you can.


You can always check out the local library or the bookstore and find many books about horticulture and succulents. It’s not the same as seeing an actual gardener nip and water and propagate the succulents but if you are a good reader (meaning, you digest more information when you read than when you watch), this might be a good source of information for you.


Blogs like the one found here at Cal Farms provide more personal narrative and comprehensive information about succulent plants. We touch succulent-related topics including growing, buying, choosing, maintaining and a lot more. We give a more general take on the things you find in schools, online courses, YouTube videos, and books.

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