Things to Remember When Propagating Succulent Plants For Your Garden

Do you know how to propagate succulent plants for your garden? It’s fairly simple and you don’t have to be a green thumb for it to work. All you need are the leaves or the cuttings, a sharp pair of pruning shears, a pot, and the right soil and amount of water for your succulents.

While most people are afraid to start growing their own succulent plants, we like to experiment a little bit with them and start our own succulent garden by propagating the likes of CAL Farms 36 of 2″ Beautiful Rosettes Succulents. You shouldn’t be afraid to try your hands at this. Fact is, it’s really very easy as long as you follow or be guided by these excellent tips:

1. Don’t let the cut ends of the leaves touch the soil.

If you’re working with leaves for propagation, we found that the best way to do it is to simply set them on top of the soil without their cut ends touching the actual soil. You have to water the soil every time it dries out, so that it will continue to nourish the leaves. You can also use a spray bottle to get the top of the soil wet but not overly wet as it can drown.

Although some experts recommend putting the cut end of the leaf in the soil, this is now how it works for some people. The method mentioned above, however, has proven itself to be the best way to grow a succulent from leaf cuttings.

2. Put the cuttings in the soil.

While you simply set the leaves on top of the soil, the same cannot be said for succulent cuttings. When it comes to cuttings, you have to actually put them in the soil because these are almost full-grown succulent plants. All cuttings need is to be watered and to be put in soil, and of course, a little sunlight won’t hurt at all. Once you do this, you’ll notice that the plants will start to grow roots.

Just like leaves, you have to water the soil every time you notice that it started to dry out. Once you have a pattern in watering the cuttings, it will start to grow roots and in no time, there will be leaves, too.

Even if some of your cuttings die, you don’t have to feel discouraged about propagating succulents for your garden. The first time is always the hardest, but you’ll get the drift of it and eventually, you can start your very own succulent garden.

Remember, the key about having a thriving succulent plant is to have a schedule on when to water it and when to put it under sunlight. Succulents are not like regular plants that you have to drown in water. They only need a specific amount of water and they’ll be fine for a few days. Don’t think that you constantly have to shower them with water or put them under the sun. there is a very good chance that they will die if they are cared for too much.

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