5 Creative Succulent Containers You Can Find In Your Homes

The great thing about succulent plants is that they are so versatile in terms of styling and planting that there are literally hundreds of ways you can incorporate them into the designs of your homes through beautifully-crafted succulent containers like the 6 In Set 2.5 Inch Owl Pot Ceramic Flowing Glaze Base Set Succulent Plant Pot Cactus Plant Pot Flower Pot Container Planter.

As an alternative, you can also use quite a number of containers that you can find in your household. Whether these are old mason jars or crates, you can easily turn these into something that your guests would go gaga over once they see your succulents in them.

Here are some 5 creative succulent containers that you can easily find within your home:

1. Mason Jars

The past couple of years saw how creative we can be with mason jars. We use them for drinks, as a trinket holder, a dessert container, and even a fish bowl. What’s stopping us from using mason jars to hold together our succulent plants. As long as you drill tiny holes on the bottom of the jars, there should not be a problem with the soil’s ability to “breathe” and “drain.” Mason jars come in various sizes and colors, so you will never lack of options.

2. Crates

If you have old crates of beer or cola bottles but you can’t seem to know how to dispose it off or where to use it, you can turn them into containers for your succulent plants. The crate is best used if you’re planning to grow different varieties of succulents. You won’t have to look for different containers for the different varieties you are going to plant. Instead, you can simply put these all together in one crate. And if they have the same process of maintenance, then all the more better because you can take the crate out under the sun and put it back in the garden in just one go.

3. Canned Goods

Have you ever been so attracted to a canned goods’ design that you buy it without even knowing what’s inside the can? If it’s even edible? Mexican canned goods have some of the most colorful and creative designs on them. If you have ever downed a can of chili con carne, don’t just throw away the can afterwards. Clean it. Dull the edges. Then, plant your succulents in them. There’s no need to re-color the can because that old-school charm is exactly why we like it.

4. Salt & Pepper Shakers

You don’t always need large containers for your succulent plants. You can make use of salt and pepper shakers to start propagating your succulents. Eventually, when they start to grow, you can transfer them into a bigger container.

5. Coriander

You may think this is an ordinary kitchen tool, but a coriander is actually the best container for your succulent because you won’t have to drill holes on them anymore. As household items go, corianders are the most naturally suited for succulents because of their draining capacity.

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