Where To Put Succulent Plants In Homes

Succulents plants like the CAL Farms 20 of 2″ Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents are great indoor plants not only because they are easy to maintain and they demand little time and energy, but also because they make everything a tad bit more gorgeous. Often, we find our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and the interiors of our homes bare and in drastic need of some color and oomph. We can’t put our finger on it, but we know that something is missing in our homes.

Try picturing a succulent plant sitting atop your kitchen counter. Isn’t it wonderful? Doesn’t it give your house that comfortable, rustic, and homey feeling? While we don’t always know where to put the succulent plants, the rule of thumb is to place it in a room that needs more character.

Personally, we like having succulents indoors, particularly in the kitchen and the living room. We find that guests like staying in homes that have plants thrown around it because it is more inviting.

Here are the best places where you can put succulent plants in homes to get the most out of the aesthetic beauty they provide as well as their health benefits.:

Living Room

Whether it’s on top of the mantel over your fireplace or by the windowsill or as the centerpiece of your side or center table, there’s nothing quite like finding succulent plants in the living room. Since we mostly decorate our living rooms with flowers and plants anyway, why not use succulents this time? Instead of changing the wilting flowers every other day or so, we can be rest assured that the succulents will still beautiful all-year-long. Besides, isn’t it a bit annoying to clean the droppings from the fresh flowers or plants?


Put the rosettes on your side table near your lamp or on your dresser or on the mantel of your entertainment table. No matter where you put succulents in your bedroom, they will achieve what they set out to do—to make your bedroom a more comfortable place to sleep in. Trust us, you will sleep a lot better with the succulents in your bedroom because remember, it takes in carbon dioxide and produces oxygen even at night.


You may not think it’s okay to put succulents on your kitchen countertop, but many households actually do have plants in their kitchen. As long as they are placed far away from the stove as possible to prevent any accidents, you should be cool to out them anywhere you like. Some place it near their pantry or the place where they put their spices and other condiments. Succulents give your kitchen a homier, kinda Italian kitchen feel.


Another good place for succulents is your bathroom. Sometimes, a bare bathroom doesn’t just cut it. Although bathrooms are not necessarily made for decorations, it’s nice to have a bathroom where you won’t only see the basics but a touch of your personality, too. You can put the succulent in front of the mirror where you brush your teeth and do all your beautifying. It would be a nice touch among the rows and rows of perfumes, lotions, etc.


Of course, succulents can also be used as decorations outdoors. It may be an indoor plant in general, but they are good for an outdoor succulent garden, too. Put them in your porch, and you will have a welcoming sight for your guests.

Understanding The Need For A Succulents Designer

There has been an explosion of interest around succulent plants like CAL Farms Beautiful 36 of 2″ Assorted Succulents and for good reason. This is the perfect plant for people who have no time for an actual garden. Succulents are easy to maintain and they almost survive on their own, except for the need for an occasional sunlight and watering.

It is very versatile, and survives in all kinds of weather conditions—may it be in the winter or in the middle of the scorching summer. It can grow in a small pot indoors or easily be converted into a succulent tree ideal for an outdoor garden, too. The colorful and unique shapes of the succulents are great to look at all-year-round, and there is no flower necessary for these to look gorgeous on a windowsill.

But if you don’t have the green thumb or if you are sorely lacking in time, you may have to tap the skills and talents of a succulents designer. What’s wrong with having someone else design your succulent garden? It’s not like it’s a personal thing or hobby that must be done solely by you. We have always welcomed the sight of a gardener in most houses, and this is no different, except succulent designers are working with smaller plants than the usual.

Combining plants of various sizes, colors, and shapes can be difficult for someone who’s not into the arts. It takes someone who’s passionate about creating wonderful succulent masterpieces to get it right. Although there is no right or wrong in succulents, a garden should bring about the natural flow and beauty of the place. If you are not sure how to go about that, it might be better to hire someone who does.

It’s not just in the arrangement where a succulents designer is needed. Succulents are easy to maintain, yes, and they survive even in the dead of winter or the hell-like temperatures during summer. To ensure that they remain healthy-looking (and healthy), the planter needs to use the right materials—the right container and the right soil. There’s also the application of your basic fertilizer that is needed for these plants to thrive. All in all, it’s still a lot of work for someone who has no time or an inclination to find time.

People who have worked with succulents know what soil to use for what type of succulent. They know that terra cotta containers are flimsy but plastic may not work, too. They know to put in draining holes in plastic, glass, and metal containers. And they know that metal containers should not be left too long under the sun because they get too hot, which may affect the health of the succulent plants.

Hiring a designer should not be something you will feel embarrassed about. Many believe that growing succulents is a personal thing, that it should be a “relationship” between the plant and the grower. That is completely false. Although there is an element of “friendship” between the succulent and its grower, what’s more important is for these plants to grow healthy and thrive. If you are not familiar on how to go about that, there’s nothing wrong with asking someone to do it for you.

Top Four Reasons Why You Need Succulents At Home

The main reason why succulents are being chosen as the houseplants of choice for many people is because it requires very minimal effort to live. Unlike other houseplants that have to be watered daily, put under the sun for a specific amount of time, and fertilized weekly or monthly, succulents at home can live on their own without its owner having to exert too much effort making it last.

Even people who don’t have a green thumb and probably unintentionally killed houseplants before can take care of succulents like CAL Farms Beautiful 36 of 2″ Assorted Succulents. And because of the proliferation of succulents just about anywhere, almost anyone now can start their own succulent “garden” indoors.

1. Succulents help you breathe easier.

Humans and plants co-exist and rely on each other to survive and for sustenance. Plants, as we know, releases oxygen which humans need in order to breathe. We then breathe in that oxygen and we release carbon dioxide, which plants absorb in order to release more oxygen into the air. This process occurs in the day because at night, most plants have to “rest” and that is why we sometimes feel suffocated at night time. But the good thing is that some succulents do this process all-day-long. They continue to be a part of this process even at night and produces more oxygen as we sleep. That’s why having succulents at home will help us breathe better because of the fresh air that they produce.

2. Succulents calm you down.

Having succulents in your home or your office will make you more productive. Studies have found out that having indoor plants calms the mind and relaxes your mood. In fact, your mood can be boosted by up to 15 percent. We’re not entirely sure if it’s the textural pattern of the cacti and the colorful rosettes that make us feel better, but the presence of nature inside our homes or offices alleviates our mood enough to make us more productive in our personal and professional lives.

3. Succulents can treat ailments.

Succulents are not only great for producing oxygen and helping us calm down, it can also treat a host of illnesses and ailments. This benefit has been around for centuries when plants are grinded and used to treat wounds and scars. Succulents contain healing properties. Agave, for example, is a natural antiseptic, meaning you can use it to treat burns and cuts. Aloe Vera can help ease sunburns, and heal cuts and bruises. When used as cream or lotion, it can also treat scars and other skin abrasions. Aloe Vera can also be taken internally to treat fever, bowel diseases, and other conditions.

4. Succulents can live anywhere.

Whether you live in an apartment, a mansion, a house, a condo, a dorm room, succulents are the perfect choice if you want to add a bit of “nature” in your living space. Succulents don’t have to be in pots. They can be in teacups, orbs, mason jars, and hanging planters. If you don’t have that much space, you can simply hang them by the windowsill. They would still be as beneficial as they are when they are simply potted and used as centerpieces.

Top 5 Succulents For The Home And How To Take Care of Them

Succulent plants are trendy because they look good in homes, offices, businesses, etc. It’s an easy choice for people who are busy with their everyday lives because succulents’ juicy leaves, stems, and roots allow them to thrive even in hot weather and minimum supervision. It does not hurt that they look stunning placed on your windowsill, counters, fireplaces, and terraces.

The color variation of succulents is almost endless. They come in blue-green, chartreuse, pink, red, yellow, white, burgundy, almost black, mixed, and more. They sometimes come with rounded, needlelike, ruffled, berrylike, or spiky leaves, but that doesn’t matter because they look good no matter what.

Here are the top five succulents for the home and how to take care of them:

1. Burro’s Tail (Sedum Morganianum)

Burro’s Tail looks better if you will place it in a hanging basket and hang that over your porch or your home garden. Their leaves will look like waterfalls since they grow up to three-feet long. It’s a native of Mexico and prefers medium to high light for best performance.

Keep the soil dry during winter season and fertilize once during summer with a balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer. Pink or red flowers may appear if you managed to take care of them. The leaves of Burro’s Tail easily fall off, so make sure to place them in a location where they cannot be disturbed.

2. Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

The Jade Plant is very easy to grow. It’s a native of South Africa and grows thick stems and thick glossy green leaves with a tinge of red. To take care of Jade Plants, allow the soil to dry completely before watering again. Fertilize three times during summer with 10-10-10 fertilizer. For good air movement through the soil, you have to plant it in a terra-cotta.

3. Medicine Plant (Aloe Vera)

The reason why many people choose Aloe Vera is because of its medicinal qualities. For centuries, the healing sap of this has been used to treat wounds and sunburn. The problem is that the plant has sharp teeth, so make sure that it is placed in a location where it would not accidentally cut someone.

Allow the soil to dry out in between soaking. Remember not to allow the plant to stand in water. Keep it under direct sunlight and fertilize three times in summer with a balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer. Do not fertilize during winter.

4. Panda Plant (Kalanchoe Tomentosa)

The Panda Plant is the most common of the Kalanchoe family. It is a native of Madagascar and mostly grown for its foliage.

Between watering, allow the top two inches of soil to dry out. During winter, water just enough to keep the soil from drying out completely. Like many succulents, fertilize three times with a 10-10-10 fertilizer during summer. Panda Plants rarely need pruning and grooming, except to remove dried out stems.

5. Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurvata)

If you want to have palm trees inside your house, then choose the Ponytail Palm. The feathery mops of green leaves sit atop a leathery-looking trunk. It is related to the agave plant, and is also commonly referred to as the Elephant Plant because of its swollen and bulbous base. This succulent plant can grow 12 to 20 feet indoors.

The Ponytail Plant does not need a lot of watering. Allow the soil to dry out completely before watering and keep the plant in the lowest humidity as possible. You may grow it in high light, though it would also adapt in medium light. Fertilize only once a year with a 10-10-10-fertilizer.

7 Ways You Can Use Succulent Plants As Décor In Your Homes

Succulent plants make such an ideal gift for anyone who’s into decorating their homes. They can put them up as is or they can boost their decorative styling and make them the center of attention. Succulent plants are resilient against any kind of weather conditions and maintenance routines. In fact, even the most non-green thumb person in the world can easily take care of succulent plants.

If you ever want to liven up your space with plants and other kinds of “living” decors, there’s no need to settle with high-maintenance froufrou plants anymore. Succulent plants offer so many possibilities that will allow you to make them the centerpiece of your living areas.

1. Put Them Inside a Glass Dome

If you have an unfinished ceramic base sitting in your basement, you can put the succulent plants there and then cover it up with a glass dome you can pick up basically in any department store. It opens up the space because you can see right through the glass dome. Plus, doesn’t it look like Disney’s single red rose from Beauty and the Beast?

2. Use a Geometric Vase

Want to go more modern? A geometric vase has that modern but minimalist appeal to it. The clean lines of a geometric vase can make any décor more pristine and elegant. It’s unique and certainly not something you’ll find anywhere.

3. Hang Them in Globes

If you live in a condominium or in a high-rise apartment, you may want to hang the succulent plants near your window, so that it can get the sunlight they need. Choose a transparent circular vase and hang them near the window, so that you can create a garden-like feeling inside your homes. If you want colored vases, you can go with them, too.

4. Ball Them Up

Using a wire mesh or a cotton thread, turn the moss into a ball and plant the succulents into them. Since these are open kinds of vases, you need to put these outside because they’ll dirty up your living rooms. This is perfect, too, if you want a rustic theme in your homes.

5. Create a Mini Zen Garden

Instead of taking care of a bonsai plant, you can choose succulent plants instead. Put sand or soil in a clear vase, and then, place the succulent plants in it. It’ll create such a peaceful atmosphere in your homes. You can let it be or you can even put designs on the sand.

6. Turn Them Into Your Table Centerpiece

Do you have a picnic table outside? Why not turn an ordinary table into something cute and rustic? You can cut an opening on the center of the table and put some stones and the succulent plants there. It’s a good idea for designing your backyard.

7. Put them in Your Bathrooms

You can buy a marble tray where you can put the succulent plants along with some decorative stones and sand on it. Put your soap, body oil, and lotion beside the plant and give the room that homey atmosphere.

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