Succulent Plant: A Unique And Interesting Father’s Day Gift

It’s Father’s Day. What Father’s Day gift did you get your dad today?

Taking him out for a nice dinner? Bought him a shirt, a pair of leather shoes, or a customized pen? These all sound very ordinary, to be honest.

Why not bring your dad something unique and interesting as Father’s Day gift?

Succulents like CAL Farms Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents are always a great choice because they are easy to care for and they are inexpensive and they have a lot of variety that you can choose from.

But don’t just simply give him a succulent plant that he will only have to water and put under the sun. Give him a DIY succulent that he could plant, grow, and propagate from scratch. You can put all the materials and the printed instructions in a wooden crate and wrap it with a nice gift wrapper.

What are the materials your dad would need?

Here’s a little rundown: succulent, small pot or container, soil, skewer, paper and glue. When you go to a succulent store or a local gardening store, you will pick out a succulent that is already planted in a nice little pot. That pot is nice, yes, but you can pick out something nicer for your father.

There are plenty of options for you in terms of the pot and the container.

You can buy a metal, glass, wooden, or terra cotta container and planter. All of them have great benefits (and disadvantages, too), so make sure you read about all of these things before picking out the right container.

The factors you need to take into consideration are the climate in your area, the amount of rain you’re getting in a year, the accessibility to fertilizers, the type of soil that is in your garden, etc. All of these should play a role in your decision to pick out the kind of container that’s going to be ideal for your dad.

Buy some well-draining soil and put them in the wooden crate along with the fertilizer you are getting for the succulent. Be careful though with the kind of fertilizer that you are going to buy. Some succulents don’t need fertilizer to grow, so you have to ask your distributor and the plant seller what kind of fertilizers the plant needs.

When all of these materials are ready, print out a care instruction for your dad.

Since succulents are easy to take care of, we’re sure the instructions would be minimal and the reminders would only be but a few. It is going to be easy for your father to plant and grow the plants. And since men love doing things themselves, wouldn’t it be nice for your dad to do something that does not involve tools?

Plants should be nurtured, and believe it or not, your dad is also a nurturer. He was there to provide and protect you, isn’t he?

Your father was there in your life when everything has turned their backs on you. There for you when your dreams are slipping away from you. Your dad deserves a daily reminder of his awesomeness as a father, and succulents would be a great sign of that.

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