Ideal Gift Ideas For Succulent Lovers

Giving gifts to succulent lovers doesn’t always need to be a small arrangement of succulent plants in their rooms. They probably have them already if they are so fond of succulents. Instead, why don’t you think of unique gift ideas that could incorporate the succulents into different things such as a piece of jewelry or clothing?

You don’t have to be awkward about giving succulent rings or earrings, you just need to think out of the box. Here are some of the things that you might be missing out when thinking of what gifts to present to your succulent-loving friends and families:


Instead of giving succulent arrangements that these people probably have, why don’t you add to their growing collection of succulent tools? You can present them with well-draining soil, top dressings to make the arrangements look professional, all-natural fertilizers, floral glue, a new toolset or kit, and greening pins. Some of you may not know this, but it isn’t exactly cheap to create a mini succulent garden. Not only will it require the planter to shop for succulents but he would need the proper tools, too.

Pottery and Planters

There are many different kinds of planters—glass, wood, ceramic, terra cotta, metal, etc. Find quirky and interesting succulent pots in a specialty store, wrap these up in burlap, put a ribbon around them, and put it under the Christmas tree for your loved ones. We promise you that your succulent-loving friends or family members will love receiving the pots and containers because it means they can transfer the old succulents into the new ones. They may have new succulents, too, that are still placed in its original plastic casing. They can immediately work on these plants if you give them the tools and the containers.


Do you have a friend who is just starting in his succulent hobby? Do you think he needs help on how to plant the succulents and how to take care of them to make them live longer? If you think your friend needs a few pointers, then sign him up for a regular or even an online class. The organizer of the event would give you a certificate that you can then give to your friends. They would love the idea of knowing more about this interesting hobby and they would always remember you every time they are reminded of their love for succulents (which is always).

Coloring Books

We are not talking about those children’s coloring books with big lines and objects. We’re talking about the adult coloring books that people seem to love these days because they are perfect for taking the stress away. Some of these coloring books are really fun because the theme is succulent plants, which means your friend or family would have to color different succulent plants. Even people who don’t naturally love the idea of planting succulents would be fond of adult coloring books.

You can also be more creative and make something out of your own hands. You can draw and paint your friend’s favorite succulent plant and have it framed.

3 Reasons Why People Love Receiving Succulent Plants As Gifts

Many people now prefer receiving succulent plants as gifts or party favors because of the many benefits that they provide. There was a time, of course, when succulents are looked at weirdly. What are these mini plants capable of, after all? It turned out that the succulent plants like CAL Farms Beautiful 36 of 2″ Assorted Succulents are capable of a multitude of things, most of all of providing a fresher air for us to breath in our homes or offices.

Here are the many reasons why succulent plants have become a favorite for so many people:

1. They Use It as Decoration

Have you ever visited a home with many succulent plants as decorative pieces? Succulents are such great alternative to plastic, glass, and porcelain figurines that we usually see on top of a stand or a counter. Instead of having to buy decorative pieces that are unoriginal and uninteresting, succulents make for better decoration. You can put it in your garden in a vase or in a recycled fish bowl or you can put it inside your home by the window sill where it can attract the sunlight it needed. There are people who actually make a living out of passionately designing succulent plants. They turn them into pieces of art, wherein they mix them up with other plants and put them in cute wooden crate boxes.

You may even notice succulent plants in weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other kinds of parties. They make for great centerpieces. Those who are gunning for nature-inspired themes and motifs can have succulents as the center of their decorative element. They can hang succulents from the ceiling and use them to line the aisle and other parts of the room.

2. They Breathe better with Succulents

Some people swear that they breathe better with succulents in the room. That’s because succulent plants give off oxygen and make the air that you breathe fresher and easier to breathe in. There are even studies that suggest succulents have medicinal properties and thus, might be benefiting the health of the people who take care of it. This is why succulents can also be given as gifts to people who are confined in the hospital and to those who are having difficulty breathing. Much of the same properties that ordinary plants have are also contained in the succulents.

3. They Feel Lucky When There are Succulents

Who knew that succulents can be lucky charms, too? Many Asian nations believe in the power that succulents bring their businesses, their personal lives, and their families. That is why you may have noticed succulent plants in every Asian restaurant or store that you visit. This is because they believe succulent plants, the Jade Plant in particular, can give them luck. Of course, there is no scientific evidence to this, but what’s wrong with believing that succulents can bring us luck, right? It looks good as a decoration and if it really gives people luck, then that’s okay, too. Don’t we all need a bit of luck what with all that’s happening around us and the entire world, to be exact.

4 Reasons Why Succulent Plants Are Such A Joy To Give This Christmas Season

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas season? Can’t think of anything unique to wrap in a ribbon and bow? How about a succulent plant? Have you ever wondered why these are becoming popular souvenirs during weddings, birthdays, baptisms, and other occasions?

It can be quite tiring to find the perfect gift for our loved ones this holiday season. As much as we want to give what they truly want—gadgets, cars, watches—these are all too expensive and might not be practical for us to give as gifts. A succulent plant, however, is something unique and truly special. You can even customize the design and the combination of plants of the succulents.

CAL Farms’ Beautiful 36 of 2” Assorted Succulents, for example, make for the ideal party favor, souvenir, or gift. This mix of succulents will surely be appreciated by anyone who receives it. This holiday season, it is particularly pleasing to receive something different from what we normally get from our friends and family.

Unique and interesting

When was the last time someone gave you an actual living thing? Succulent plants make for an excellent gift because it is unique and interesting. No one else would have thought of giving someone a plant to take care of. Maybe a dog is a common gift between boyfriends and girlfriends, but a plant is something meaningful—you have to keep it alive and store-bought dog food won’t cut it. Sure, succulents are low-maintenance plants, but there is still extra effort in taking care of it.


Unknown to many, succulents can be quite romantic, too. Forget the usual bouquet of red and pink roses, succulent plants are actual living things that may or may not speak about how someone feels for you. There are many succulent plants that mean romance and love. The rosettes, for example, are actually some of the most beautiful succulents we’ve seen. It will brighten anyone’s day.


Do you know that succulent plants are actually beneficial to the health? Like other plants, succulents give off oxygen, making it easier for those around it to breathe. Air is definitely a little better with succulent plants around. This trait shows how much you care about the person you’re giving this gift to. The thought behind the gift can be interpreted as wanting for that gift receiver to live healthier and stronger.


Who else will give anyone succulent plants for gifts? These are not exactly the most common gift out there. Most of the time, people will gift books, shirts, bags, etc. as Christmas gifts. Succulent plants show your creativity—it shows people that you actually thought about who the succulents will go to. Can you imagine giving succulent plants to someone who neither has the time nor the inclination to take care of them?

This holiday season, make sure you’re giving away something that everyone can appreciate. It’s the season of sharing, after all, and succulent plants are one of the best things to share this Christmas.

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