Where To Get Succulents And The Necessary Tools For Them

You may be wondering where to get succulents. You definitely don’t see them in local hardware or even around specialty shops in your area. So, where exactly are the succulent seedlings coming from and how do people cultivate them to look beautiful and gorgeous in their gardens? To start with, you have to tap resource persons both in real-life and online.

Forums and Online Communities

If you want to start this hobby, you have to know everything that you can about starting it and taking care of them so they maintain those lustrous leaves and flowers. There is one place you can look for all the information you need and that’s the online forums and communities.

You can join local Facebook groups and communities that share their knowledge about succulents and tips to take care of them. Most of these online communities are where you’re going to meet experts and bloggers who have been pruning and planting and growing their succulents for years. You can get expert advice from these people and you should know that they love sharing their knowledge with newcomers.

Pruning From Neighbors

Have you noticed a neighbor with such a good collection of succulents? You can ask that neighbor for succulent pruning. Don’t worry that they will have to damage their plants for that pruning you’re asking for.

The truth is that succulent owners need to prune their plants so that they don’t grow too high or wide. Succulent plants, after all, are meant to stay smaller than the regular plants. Maintaining their miniature sizes ensure that it would be easy to take care of them. If you still don’t know where to put the pruning you asked, you can plant it temporarily in a pot and then transfer it to a garden later on.

Gifts From Friends and Families

Is it your birthday? Is it Christmas? Are you expecting some of your friends or families to give you presents? If so, why don’t you make it easy for them and give a hint about what you want to receive? You could even give them a list to be more straightforward about it.

The list may include the varieties of succulents that you want, as well as the necessary tools you need such as pruning scissors, garden tape, disposable gloves, toolbox, and storage boxes. They can purchase most of these online and even from their local hardware stores, so it would be very easy for them to get you something.

Specialty Garden Stores

Of course, there are specialty stores like Cal Farms that focus on growing succulents. You can tap these stores and ask for the rarest succulents they have.

If you want to surprise and awe your neighbors, you would want to grow something more than just a simple rosette. These specialty stores also sell a lot of different containers, toppers, succulent varieties, and tools. Most of these are owned by succulent enthusiasts, too, so you can get more information about growing the plants and taking care of them.

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