Using Succulent Plants In Your 4th of July Parties

It’s that time of the year again when we can take out all those accessories and decorations for the 4th of July parties. If you don’t already know, succulents like CAL Farms 2″ Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents are also great attention grabbers. If you want your party to stand out, you might have to incorporate 4th of July decorations with succulent plants.


It’s red, white, blue, stripes, and stars. How could these decorations be complicated? If you already got existing pots and containers, all you need are paints and paintbrushes.

If you’re good with your hands, simply paint the colors of the American flag on the containers. That will put a touch of patriotism in your succulent decorations. You don’t even have to take out the whole plant for you to paint on the containers. Just simply put the container on top of an old newspaper and paint away.

You could also search for a star-shaped container and plant different types of succulents in them. The overall look would be similar to a wreath and you could even turn this into a vertical garden. You can put them up on your door, so your guests will see your patriotic decorations as soon as they arrive.

Ribbons and Flags

The simplest way to incorporate patriotism into your succulents decorations is through the use of ribbons and flags. Print out mini flags and put them on toothpicks. You can then stick these into the pots and containers. That way, the flag will be noticed along with the plants. You could also use red, white, and blue ribbons and wrap them around the containers and the pots. You could even tie the ribbon on the “branches” of the succulents.


Print out different quotes from your favorite American heroes and past presidents. Okay, just print the ones from our forefathers. You could even turn this into a quiz night where your guests could guess who said the particular quote. If a quiz night is not your thing, you should simply put up the quotes to remind your guests about the real meaning of Fourth of July (because surely, it’s not just about barbecues and beers).


You should never put stickers on the succulents, but maybe you could stick these decorations on the containers or the holders. There are many Fourth-of-July-themed stickers that you can buy in bookstores. They could easily transform your succulents into July 4th decorations.


There are different kinds of succulents. Everyone loves looking at these plants, so it’s very easy to decide which succulents to choose from in your 4th of July parties.

Succulents come in different colors, too. This means you can choose succulents of the blue, white, and red varieties. By simply mixing these colors together, you could create a look that’s very American.

Another interesting idea is to make a “container” that looks like the American flag. There should be slats for the “stripes” and a big empty square on the upper left corner for the “stars.” You can fill these up with the succulents of your choice (as long as they are of the right colors).

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