Decorating Your House For Easter With Succulent Plants

It’s almost Easter, which means springtime is almost here (well, for some states, at least) and we can finally get out of the house and plant succulents post-winter. Since we’re celebrating Easter bunnies this Sunday, we might as well deck our homes and our gardens with Easter-themed plants.

While typically, we like decorating our homes with stuffed Easter bunnies and chocolate bunnies, let’s divert from our sweet-toothedness this year and focus on how to decorate with succulent plants. Currently very popular in Japan because they are so kawaii, these bunny succulents (or monilaria moniliformis or monilaria obconica scientifically) can be the cutest addition to your garden this year’s Easter. The stems have a beaded structure and although these plants are very rare, they require very low maintenance.

You may bring them over to your house via your local gardening supply shop or you can buy from numerous online stores. A pack consists of 10 seeds, which are perfect for two containers. These plants can grow up to eight inches tall. The flowers, once they bloomed, are white in color with a yellow center. During the colder months (especially now that winter hasn’t really gone away), keep them indoors where they thrive and make everything look super cute.

If you don’t have the time to grow these bunny succulents in time for Easter Sunday, you can always order ones that are already planted. Use them as centerpieces on the dining table or decorate your foyer with them. You can experiment with other Easter-themed decorations to highlight these bunny succulents even more.

To take care of the bunny succulents, use a well-draining soil and containers with small holes at the bottom. You can use a universal fertilizer though the succulents won’t require too much of it. Since these are native to South Africa, they don’t need much watering but they thrive in loam-based compost in their containers.

Easter Egg Containers

If you cannot get your hands on some bunny succulents, you can always decorate using your pots and containers. Get some cute Easter egg succulent planters from your local gardening store and plant whatever tiny succulents you have in your house. You can either plant a new seed in the container or you can cut a stem from an already existing succulent and transfer that to the Easter egg pot.

The best way to use these planters to decorate your house for Easter is to color them with springtime palette and glitters. You can get acrylic paints from your local hardware. Make sure to focus on these colors: pink, bright yellow, yellow-green, aqua blue, and vivid violet. These springtime hues will bring a pop of color into your homes.

You should coat them with a shiny gloss afterward so dirt won’t stick on them too much. Make sure to let the containers dry first before you begin transferring succulents into them. Fill the egg containers with as much soil as needed by the plants and even if they look super cute and don’t look real at all, never forget to water them and put them under the sunlight.

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