3 Essential Stuff You Need To Know About The Easter Cactus Succulent Plant

Easter Sunday is one of the important events in Christianity. However, that does not mean it is only exclusive to people within the faith. Everyone, regardless of religion or belief, is welcome to take part in its festivities.

As we are nearing its celebration this year, some of you succulent plant lovers out there are probably already checking out Easter-themed arrangements or cacti products for the occasion. Luckily, we have some tips on decorating your house for Easter with succulent plants in our previous post. Also here, we will present to you the Easter Cactus, which you can add to your list.

The Easter Cactus makes an exciting addition to your succulent collection. Unlike the other holiday-themed succulent called the Christmas Cactus, the Easter Cactus is quite a peculiar piece because it is essentially a hybrid. This traces its origins to the Brazilian forest cactus belonging to the Rhipsalidopsis family.

1. Relation of the Plant to the Easter Celebration

Now, you might be wondering what does the Easter Cactus has to do with Easter, aside from its name. The appearance of the plant has no association whatsoever with Easter Sunday because it does not look like any of the event’s ever-popular symbolisms such as the Easter Egg for rebirth and the Easter Bunny for fertility. The only link of the plant to the occasion is the fact that it blooms in late winter or early spring wherein the latter usually coincide with the Christian Holy Week celebration.

2. Appearance

Like the Christmas Cactus, the Easter Cactus has flattened stems, which are also called segments and are actually the leaves of the plant. Each segment is slightly ragged on the edges, and it produces crown-shaped flowers. Depending on the variant, the flowers may come in white, red, pink, orange, and other hues.

3. Caring for Easter Cactus

Unlike the usual cacti that thrive in arid places like the desert, Easter Cacti need cooler temperatures to grow. With that, put it in a well-lit place but keep it away from direct sunlight. The ideal temperature it requires to bloom is between 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (13-16 degrees Celsius).

The Easter Cactus can be grown in a succulent plant pot. However, make sure that its soil is lightly moist. Water it every time you notice that its soil is drying up. If your home feels dry most of time, you may provide a little humidity around the plant by placing it in a container filled with pebbles and an ample amount of water, which will keep it hydrated over a long period.

Furthermore, to keep it healthy, see to it that it is repotted at least every two years during the spring to make sure that its soil nutrients are replenished from time to time. You may fertilize the succulent as well especially after its blooming season to maintain its healthy aura. The recommended fertilizer for it is a 10-10-10 mix or food with low nitrogen content.

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