5 Reasons Why You Should Use Clay Pots Instead of Plastic Containers for Succulent Plants

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Plastic and clay pots are very easy to acquire. Both can be used as containers for your growing succulent plants. However, that does not mean that you can achieve the same results when choosing one over the other.

Here we will enumerate 5 reasons why clay pots are better than plastic containers for your succulent plants.

1. Better Air Circulation

Clay is a porous material so it allows better flow of air in and out of the pot. Its cooling effect is beneficial for your plant during hot weather conditions.

2. Water Absorbent

The pores of the material also help absorb excess water in the soil. Then, it makes it easier to identify if the plant has too much moisture because clay turns dark when it is wet.

3. Better Drainage

Clay pots usually come with holes at the bottom, which help prevent stagnation of excess water in the soil and roots of the plant. Stagnant water has the same effect as overwatering your plant. It makes the leaves of your succulent soggy, which may eventually result in wilting.

4. Budget-Friendly

Clay pots are very common, and they come with a very simple design. Therefore, they are cheaper than other types of containers for succulents.

5. More Accessible

Clay pots are easier to make, and more preferred by buyers. These make them easily available in gardening stores.

The Downside

There are some trade-offs that you have to keep in mind when choosing clay pots for your succulents though. The most obvious disadvantage of using clay is its less durable trait than plastic. Dropping a clay pot on a solid surface will certainly break it, or accidentally hitting it with a hard object will likely cause a crack on it.

The simple and uniform design of clay pots may play as a downside too. The uniform design of clay pots may look good when used in clusters, but this may not be the case if you want variety or a more elaborate design for each of your succulent pots.

Ceramic Pots

A good alternative for clay pots is ceramic pots for your succulent plants. Ceramic may not be as absorbent as clay but it offers a more attractive decorative piece. This is perfect if you are placing your plants indoors or at the fa├žade of your home, office, or business establishment. Moreover, this material is more resilient than clay, and it’s a nice gift for succulent plant lovers.

Not all ceramic pots are ideal for succulents though. So make sure to choose the ones that have holes in them for drainage of excess water. Luckily, you no longer have to look further because CAL Farms is offering an ornate set consisting of six 2.5-inch Ceramic Flowing Glaze Pots for a very affordable price, which will be delivered directly to your address for your extra convenience.

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