Choosing Succulents That Match Your Personality

Like people, plants also have personalities and they thrive well under the care of owners who share the same attributes. If you’re thinking of picking a few succulents like CAL Farms 2″ Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents to decorate your homes and even your outdoor garden, it would be best to choose a plant that can be taken care of easily, can be maintained even with your busy schedule, and could complement your personality.

Each succulent has a unique personality, even so far as some succulents not needing light or water at all to thrive. Are you like that, too? Do you embrace the darkness much more than the light? Do you love spending your days indoors instead of catching some sun?

Here are things you should consider when choosing succulents that reflect your personality:

For the Traditional

The Echeveria Dionysos looks like a plastic plant. It doesn’t look real at all because of the perfect shape of its leaves and that shine on the surface. It looks like something you can pick up from the Home Depot or any local gardening shop. But visit any succulent-lover’s home and they would surely have the Echeveria Dionysos. This plant is traditional and it has the classic look that turns the leaves from green to yellow to red to purple. There is not one look for this succulent in terms of colors, though it grows rather traditionally.

For the Grunge and Rock ‘n Rollers

Pair that dark side of yours with the Sinocrassula Yunnanensis. The leaves are so green that it is almost black. It looks good with a mixture of other plants if you don’t want the “darkness” to stand out, though simply putting this in a glass container with a scattering of pebbles on the top soil will make your home design unique, too. It’s the perfect decoration for Halloween if you still love decorating your garden. Instead of that natural greenish hue of your garden, turn it over into the darker and more unique style of a succulent garden featuring Sinocrassula Yunnanensis.

For the Carefree

Do you like living freely and without inhibitions? Of course, we all do. But do you care not what others think and simply live the life you want? Are carefree, freedom-loving, and spirited? The Tachyandra family has succulents whose leaves grow to be squiggles and spirals that loop upward. These plants can surely brighten up a room and can be the focal point of conversation when you have friends over. After all, when was the last time you saw a plant that has as many squiggles and loops as the Tachyandra?

For the Artist

If you are fond of abstract art, you may also grow fond of the Crassula Umbella. The name implies that the succulent would look like an umbrella, an inverted one at that. Nicknamed “The Wine Cup,” the Crassula Umbella does not disappoint as it’s the perfect avant garde centerpiece for your living room table or mantle. It is weird-looking, but that is exactly what succulent lovers like about this plant. It catches everyone’s attention and yet, it remains a tad bit mysterious, too.

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