Succulent Plants Are The Best Option For Allergy-Prone People

In a couple of weeks, spring season will officially begin and along with the gorgeous plants, flowers, and other shrubs that will pop up everywhere around us, those who are allergic to pollen will likely welcome a few irritants. Swollen and puffy eyes and red and stuffy noses are just some of the signs that you are allergic to pollen, which will be all around once spring sets in.

If the sight of plants and flowers have you running for tissues and sneezing like crazy, spring is probably not the best time for you. Instead of enjoying the sight of blooming flowers in the park, you will most likely be wearing a mask and running for your dear life. What’s unfortunate is that you cannot get to enjoy this season when flowers are abloom and the city looked like it stepped right out of a fairytale story. If you love flowers and plants, you don’t have to worry because you can still get to appreciate having a garden even if you are suffering from allergies due to the pollen.

All you have to do is a little bit more research on what you can and cannot plant. And though there are several hypoallergenic flowers out there, the perfect company for people with allergies are succulent plants like CAL Farms Beautiful 36 of 2″ Assorted Succulents. Why?

Succulents Have No Pollen

The reason why you have become so allergic to plants and flowers is because of the pollen that is characteristic of them. Without the pollen, you wouldn’t have an issue receiving dozens of tulips during Valentine’s Day. You would also be able to grow a garden of your own or dress up your living room in wildflowers. This is the reason why succulents make for great replacement instead of flowers and plants. That’s not the mention that succulent plants are also easy to take care of and have a wide variety that you can choose from.

If you are a person who is allergic to pollen but would want to try his hand at gardening, growing succulent plants is your best option. Aside from its ability not to trigger your allergies, you will also enjoy taking care of them because they require little assistance. All you have to do is to water them once in a while and take them out for sunlight a couple of days each week. If you are too busy to take care of plants but still crave for their presence, succulents will be a great addition to your home gardening collection or your living room décor.

Some of you may find a cactus garden as unappealing, but there are lots of flowering cactus that can provide bright colors to your garden. You don’t have to stay contented with simply growing cacti that apparently reminds you of a barren desert. Succulents offer a lot of options, including cacti with brightly colored flowers such as red, orange, violet, pink, etc.

Of course, if you really want flowers for your cacti garden, you can also choose to have begonia, hypoallergenic sunflowers, bulbs, and roses. These are perfect for people allergic to pollen and they will make your cacti garden look more alive.

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