Growing succulents from seeds are no different from other plants. The only problem is succulent seedlings are very tiny that they can easily be missed. There are also a number of things you have to remember when growing succulents from seeds to ensure that your plants will grow healthy like CAL Farms 2″ Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents.

The first step towards the successful planting of succulents is to buy quality seeds from reputable sellers. It will make a huge difference if you buy good or bad seeds. A lot of succulent seeds look just like dirt or dust so they can easily be mistaken for something else.

There are a number of stores that cater to those who love to grow succulents. There are also online shops and stores that sell different varieties of seeds, including some very rare ones. You must also ensure that the quality of seeds is topnotch by checking the reviews and recommendations of the other customers. Succulent seeds are not really expensive but it will take some time to realize what they actually are and what they will look like afterward.


There are a couple of supplies you need to plant and grow succulents. You will need some sort of container that has holes below for proper draining. You must also choose the proper material—ceramic, glass, reclaimed wood, or terra cotta—for the container or pot. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of stability, the presence of draining holes, and aesthetics. It is up to you to determine the kind of material that would work best in your household and the climate in your area.

We recommend getting a planter and a seed tray. It would also be best if these came with built-in grow lights. Otherwise, you would have to buy the lights separately.

The soil is another major consideration. You should use a kind of soil that would be great with the plants even if they are already fully grown.

Planting the Seeds

The succulent seeds are very tiny that they almost look like a speck of dust. Make sure you have a clean working space and clean hands when planting the seeds. This would ensure that you won’t misplace the seeds or mistake them for dirt.

Carefully place the soil in your container and clean the surroundings of the tray or the container. Again, wash your hands before handling the seeds. Peel off the package where the seeds are placed and put them directly on the soil. You should not place then on another container (a petri dish, for example) before planting them. There’s a big chance they could be blown out by a gust of the wind. Since the seeds are very tiny, it is hard to tell whether they are placed rightly so better put the seeds directly from the package.

Taking Care of the Seeds

Once the seeds are planted, you have to make sure that they have plenty of access to light and water. If you purchased a planting tray, the best way to ensure there’s enough water is to flood the container from below. Simply put the first container inside another container that can hold water. Pour enough water to coat the bottom of the first container (assuming it has draining holes) and refill the water every time it gets absorbed by the plants.

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