Have you ever felt bored with what you’re constantly wearing? Do you wear the same clothes over and over again? Pants, blouse, and loafers? Do you want to be unique but is losing ideas on how to spruce up your wardrobe? Thankfully, succulents like CAL Farms 2″ Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents are now as ubiquitous as roses and daisies. They are everywhere, which means you can use these plants to bring oomph to your usual wardrobe.

Here’s how you can have a unique sense of style by using succulent plants:

Using Succulents as a Brooch

Many might think that brooches are a thing of the past. Nobody actually uses them anymore. But remember in the 1970s when women were wearing crop tops and embroidered skirts?

It’s literally the same things that women wore in the 70s and it’s what trendy these days. You see it all the time in malls, clubs, and events where these women hang out. You think we’re above using brooches now? Think again.

However, instead of using a gold-painted leaf as a brooch, you can turn the charm up a notch. Use instead a mini succulent to make your getup pop. There’s nothing more boring than a non-descript brooch. A brooch should make your clothes unique and interesting. Unless you’re using a live plant there, we doubt you could attract the attention of anyone.

Using Succulent Leaves as “Floating Petals”

Have you noticed how many designers use the floating petals method on their gowns? Babies look super cute with their baptism dresses with floating petals on the tutu. How would you feel using succulent leaves instead? Pretty interesting, right? The best thing about it is that you can re-plant or propagate the succulent leaves afterward while with roses, you’ve essentially killed these petals because of the chemicals used to preserve them.

Succulent leaves can be removed after you’ve finished wearing the dress. You can replant them in another pot or terracotta and after a few days or weeks, you’ll notice them growing healthily (as long as you give them the right water and light, of course).

Printed Succulents Design on Dresses, Blouses

The easiest way to incorporate your love of succulent plants is printing them on dresses and blouses. There are many online shops that already sell clothing with succulent designs on them—whether as a statement shirt or as an elegantly-designed dress. Succulents are very versatile. You can wear a succulent-designed dress very casually or even during special occasions like a wedding, birthday, or company event.

Putting Succulents on Your Shoes

You have seen how outrageously designed shoes are these days. What will make your own pair of shoes stand out is using some cool succulent plants to spruce them up. You can draw succulent rosettes on your boring pair of white sneakers or you can attach a mini rosette on your two-inch heeled pumps. Your shoes could easily turn heads around because who wouldn’t be interested in a pair of peep-toe sandals with mini succulent plants on them?

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