There are a lot of beauty and fashion trends out there that we just don’t get. Ever saw someone who is not Gigi Hadid wear the transparent pants? How about the pants that could turn into a short shorts by removing the snaps that hold them in place? Fashion has become eclectic and the trends that keep separating generations keep getting weirder and crazier and more interesting, if we’re to be honest. That’s why it did not surprise us anymore when we saw that people—women specifically—are now gluing succulents plants like CAL Farms 2″ Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents on their nails.

Even now when drawing intricate patterns and designs on your nails is still a growing practice, another trend has popped up and it looks crazier than ever before. If you notice that a girl on your train has a 3D nail art, you may want to look closely because that may actually be real-life succulent plants. You can actually hold the plants and feel their texture. This is actually happening people and as much as want to say we’re surprised, the way things are going now in the fashion and beauty world, we cannot be shocked anymore by a few plants on your nails.

How It Began

Unofficially, the beauty trend started on social media when once certain Roz Borg probably got bored selling succulent plants for what they are intended for—as houseplants. Combine with her creative juices, she transformed the tiniest of leaves and rosettes into a small arrangement of succulents. She then glued this on her nails and voila, she’s got an actual living thing on her nail. Cool, right?

Endless Patterns and Designs

The mixes and matches are endless and one can safely assume that no nail can ever have the same pattern and design. Your nail art will be unique from all others who would want to have plants on their nails. Of course, there’s the problem of actually functioning with such a heavy-looking art on your nail. Carrying the weight of succulent plants, no matter how tiny they are, on your fingernails will still make you uncomfortable and this will show in your disjointed movements. And can you even sleep or take a shower with succulents on your nails? I don’t think so.

The key here, of course, is to only have these on your nails when you have an event to attend where you must be a standout. Sure, you can do these to your nails when you’re about to attend a wedding but make sure they won’t attract too much attention from the couple. If you’re the one getting married, you surely don’t want your day to be stolen by a guest who has succulent plants growing on her nails.

Do the Succulents Still Grow on Your Nails?

By the way, that’s another discussion we can focus on. Are the succulents glued on your nails still growing? Can you expect to grow them again after they have been removed from your nails? It really depends on how you cut the leaves and flowers from the main plant. If your intention is to propagate them after they have finished their purpose of looking good on your nails, then you should be careful with the way you cut the stem. Read up on how succulent plants can be propagated using their leaves and follow the instructions very carefully.

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