Giving gifts to succulent lovers doesn’t always need to be a small arrangement of succulent plants in their rooms. They probably have them already if they are so fond of succulents. Instead, why don’t you think of unique gift ideas that could incorporate the succulents into different things such as a piece of jewelry or clothing?

You don’t have to be awkward about giving succulent rings or earrings, you just need to think out of the box. Here are some of the things that you might be missing out when thinking of what gifts to present to your succulent-loving friends and families:


Instead of giving succulent arrangements that these people probably have, why don’t you add to their growing collection of succulent tools? You can present them with well-draining soil, top dressings to make the arrangements look professional, all-natural fertilizers, floral glue, a new toolset or kit, and greening pins. Some of you may not know this, but it isn’t exactly cheap to create a mini succulent garden. Not only will it require the planter to shop for succulents but he would need the proper tools, too.

Pottery and Planters

There are many different kinds of planters—glass, wood, ceramic, terra cotta, metal, etc. Find quirky and interesting succulent pots in a specialty store, wrap these up in burlap, put a ribbon around them, and put it under the Christmas tree for your loved ones. We promise you that your succulent-loving friends or family members will love receiving the pots and containers because it means they can transfer the old succulents into the new ones. They may have new succulents, too, that are still placed in its original plastic casing. They can immediately work on these plants if you give them the tools and the containers.


Do you have a friend who is just starting in his succulent hobby? Do you think he needs help on how to plant the succulents and how to take care of them to make them live longer? If you think your friend needs a few pointers, then sign him up for a regular or even an online class. The organizer of the event would give you a certificate that you can then give to your friends. They would love the idea of knowing more about this interesting hobby and they would always remember you every time they are reminded of their love for succulents (which is always).

Coloring Books

We are not talking about those children’s coloring books with big lines and objects. We’re talking about the adult coloring books that people seem to love these days because they are perfect for taking the stress away. Some of these coloring books are really fun because the theme is succulent plants, which means your friend or family would have to color different succulent plants. Even people who don’t naturally love the idea of planting succulents would be fond of adult coloring books.

You can also be more creative and make something out of your own hands. You can draw and paint your friend’s favorite succulent plant and have it framed.

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