You don’t always have to shell out money for succulent plants. If you want to grow your own succulent garden, you need only a couple of different variants of your favorite succulents and you can grow the garden from there. All you need are some shears, the right soil, a pot, and some water. Voila, you can propagate succulents just from leaves and cuttings from your current plants.

Ever wonder how you can propagate succulents so you can simply spend your money on one CAL Farms Beautiful 36 of 2″ Assorted Succulents and grow the garden from there?

The succulent’s genus and species will determine how easy or hard it is to propagate them. Though most of the variants of succulents are easy to propagate, nothing is the same when it comes to the climate and the nutrients of the soil where it is being planted anew. Here are some examples: Sedums and Echeverias can be propagated through cuttings and leaves while Aeoniums only work with cuttings.

1. How To Take A Leaf For Propagation

If you want to take a leaf for propagation, you only need to gently twist the leaf off the stem. Make sure it’s a clean twist and pull because you don’t want to leave anything on the stem. If you want, you can pull off a bit of the stem, too, just make sure you have the whole full leaf with you. If you get only part of the leaf and cut it off right before the stem, there’s a big chance your succulent will not thrive.

If you don’t want to cut leaves off your succulent plant, you can actually buy the leaves to propagate. Some are really sensitive about cutting off from their beloved plants. Buying just the leaves is an inexpensive way of growing your succulent garden rather than buying a succulent plant that has already grown.

2. How To Take A Cutting For Propagation

Before you do a cutting of your succulent plant, you have to make sure that your shears are sharp. Otherwise, you may be jeopardizing the quality of the cuttings. Cut off a piece of succulent just above a leaf on the stem. You can choose to cut off the top of the succulent or a new offshoot. Either way will work just fine.

3. Drying Out The Leaves

It is important to make sure that the leaves are dried out completely before beginning to water them. Depending on the amount of heat and the climate in your area, you should let the leaf dry out for one to three days. It will then scab over. If it doesn’t, it will take too much water when you start watering it and it can drown without even having a chance to grow. If you see that the leaf has started to shrivel, that’s about time you start watering it.

4. Watering Your Leaf Or Cutting

Fully-grown succulent plants don’t need to be watered every day, but leaves and cuttings do. You just have to make sure you don’t use too much water because there is a tendency for leaves and cuttings to drown. If you see that they have turned orangey-brown, then that’s a sign that they are getting too much water and they are about to die.

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