The String of Hearts succulent makes an amazing gift on various occasions, including Valentine’s Day. The heart-shaped leaves of the plant are so adorable that they never fail to liven up any living space.

The String of Hearts is also known as Ceropegia woodii. Just like most succulents, this plant is really easy to grow and maintain as long as you follow the basic tips on how to care for it. In this post though, we will mainly focus on how you can propagate it.

Preparing the Materials

Before proceeding, make sure that you have the right equipment. All you need is a pair of sharp pruning shears for cutting a portion of the plant, a succulent plant pot with small holes at the bottom, water and garden soil.

Ideal Time for Propagation

The best times to plant or repot the String of Hearts are during the spring and late summer. For places with a temperate climate, the early fall should be your best bet. Avoid doing it during winter while the plant is in its dormant state.

Propagation Methods

There are three ways to propagate the String of Hearts. Each process is discussed here for your easy reference:

1. Water Propagation

The most popular and quickest way to propagate the String of Hearts is by using the water method. You start it by carefully cutting a part of the healthy vine that you want to root. Trim the branches of the bottom portion of the plant, and place the vine in a vase that’s partly filled with water. See to it that at least one node is dipped.

Position the String of Hearts in a bright and warm place, preferably at the window sill. Make sure though that the temperature is not too hot, or else, it will wilt.

When roots start growing from the nodes, that’s the sign that you can already transfer the succulent into a pot. The soil should be damp and it should be enough to cover the rooted part of the plant.

2. Soil Propagation

 The soil method is pretty straightforward. You begin by cutting a healthy vine with its branches trimmed. After that, stick the cutting into a pot with moist garden soil. The dirt should be enough to cover the node of the succulent.

Again, put the String of Hearts in a warm and lit part of the house. Slightly water it at least once a week so it won’t wither.

3. Tuber Propagation

Get the biggest tuber from the String of Hearts. The tuber should be at least as big as a fingernail. Fully cover it with soil in a separate container. Remember to follow the same environmental conditions stated in the abovementioned methods.

Instant Way to Get Succulents

If you haven’t got the time to grow, propagate or repot String of Hearts, another easy way to obtain succulents if by buying it from reliable shops online. These are starter kits that can help you begin your succulent garden journey from scratch or you can simply go all the way with the 64-piece pack with two of each variety of rosette succulents to complete your collection right away.

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