Halloween is fast approaching, and one way to spice it up is by combining succulent plants with the traditional decors for the occasion. One of the most popular Halloween setups is the succulent pumpkin arrangement.

The succulent pumpkin arrangement is easy to do, and you don’t have to worry about discarding or changing it after Halloween because it can be used all year round. It’s also a nice gift for your succulent-loving friends or relatives. In addition, the whole process does not require you to cut or glue any of your beloved plants, which may risk damaging them.

Materials that You Need for Your Project

The things you need can be easily found at home or bought online. With that, prepare the following things for your project:

  • Craft pumpkin
  • Orange creamsicle color palette paint
  • 4-inch succulent pot with drainage
  • Pen or any marker
  • Serrated knife
  • Spoon
  • Garden soil
  • Spanish moss
  • Any succulent plant

Making and Assembling the Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement

The first thing you need is a craft pumpkin. We prefer the faux pumpkin over the organic ones because it can last a lot longer than a regular pumpkin. Real pumpkins can only last for days before wilting or showing signs of decay. Color the craft pumpkin with orange paint, and let it dry for few hours.

While waiting for the paint to dry, get the succulent that you want to include in your arrangement. Carefully remove the plant down to the roots, and do not to damage any of its parts. We recommend using a variety of succulents for better visuals.

Once the paint has dried up, turn the succulent pot upside down and place its brim over the top center of the painted craft pumpkin. Draw a circular mark using the rim of the container as your trace.

Next, use the serrated knife to cut around the circle you just drew. If the craft pumpkin you have is not the hollow kind or the solid foam type, you will have to dig into the center and remove its contents using a spoon until the succulent pot can fit snuggly in it. This can be a messy process so keep your vacuum cleaner on the side so you can gather the clutter easily.

After that, fill the pot with loose garden soil. Organize and plant the succulents that you want to have in your arrangement. Surround the plant with Spanish moss to achieve your desired rustic effect.

Lastly, place the potted succulent on the hollow part of the craft pumpkin to complete your project.


Don’t forget to water the succulent plant when you notice that the soil around it has already dried up, and place it in an area that gets at least six hours of sunlight to retain its fresh appearance. Fertilize it as well to keep it healthy.

Before watering though, remove the potted succulent from the craft pumpkin. Then let the liquid completely drain upon watering to prevent excess water from stagnating in the pot, and to prevent damaging the craft pumpkin with water.

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