One of the best things about succulents like CAL Farms 20 of 2″ Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents is that it’s so versatile, you can include them in anything. Yes, even to your World Cup parties. If you’re catching a game with your friends at home, you’re probably thinking of a way to pass the time when the commercials start coming in.

Clearly, we don’t want to get bored waiting for the games to start again. What best way to pass the time than have a quiz night, right? And what topic could it be? Definitely not about the World Cup again because those will include debates that would just ruin the fun of quiz night.

You can turn your party into a succulents-themed quiz night where you’ll be quizzed on how much you know about these gorgeous pots of plants that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Do you know that succulents don’t discriminate? When we think about gardens, plants, and flowers, we think only women dabble with them. It might shock you but there is actually a pretty good percentage of men who like to be surrounded by the beauty of succulents when they’re in their homes.

So, whether you’re having a co-ed World Cup night or an all-girls or all-boys one, you would definitely have fun knowing little bits of information about succulents. Here are just some of the things you have to do and remember.

Research About Succulents

How can you make a quiz night without researching the topic? If your questions will be about succulents, you have to research for as much information as you can get on the internet. You will have to create your questions based on the research that you have done. This is a critical step in your quiz night because if you don’t know anything about succulents, you cannot ask anything about them.

Have Actual Succulents at Home

Why would you host a succulents-themed party if you are not a big fan of the plant? And what’s not to love? They are gorgeous and attractive. They are easy to love and maintain. They require very little water and sun. They look good indoors or outdoors. They make for great decorations in your office desks, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms.

Give Away Succulents as Prizes

What good would a quiz night be without some sort of prizes? Order succulents from your favorite suppliers and start potting them in tiny containers. You may even decorate the containers to say “champion” or “runner-up.” Believe it or not, but people love receiving succulents because of how versatile they are.

Offer Succulents Dishes

Don’t you know that succulents are also edible? Well, not all of them, but the good ones are really tasty. You can turn your avocado into simple Mexican- and European-inspired dishes. Your guests will surely be satisfied knowing how healthy avocados are. You can turn them into soup, appetizer, main dish, and even dessert. Your guests would love this idea and their interests will be piqued once again.

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