As your succulents garden continues to grow, so will the number of products, materials, and tools you have in your house. Slowly, you’ll realize that your gardening tools are taking up most of the space in your garage or a big corner of your garden. The chaos will only get worse as you grow your succulent collection and it might even affect how much you enjoy gardening.

Organize your gardening tools and materials, so you can find everything you need easily. It will also make it easier for you to keep track of your plants, making sure that they are watered regularly and they get enough sunlight. Put the same kinds of succulents together, so you can move them under and away the sunlight, for example.

Potting Bench

Have you ever felt your spine crack because of the intense bending that you did while putting your plants on succulent pots? This won’t be a problem if you have a good potting bench that has the right height for you. No more aching back once you’re done the watering, pruning, and potting the plants. If you’re looking for a quality potting bench, make sure they are sturdy because plants can be heavy. Also, a storage area (for tools) and a lattice area (for plotting) are good pluses.

You may also want to look for a water- and weather-proofed potting bench. You can do this by yourself, of course, but that would require another mini home project and you might have so much on your plate already. Try to find one that has a rustic charm, too, because that will work great on the overall look of your garden.

Place the potting bench in an area that is well-lit but not exposed to the sun. Make sure you are comfortable with the area.

Tool Bag

You are going to have lots of tools if you plan to start your own succulents garden. You would have pruning scissors, regular scissors, shovel, scoop and tweezers, mesh tape, chopstick, paintbrush, and floral glue. Where are you supposed to put all of these? If you leave these on your table, there’s a good chance their quality will be compromised because they will be exposed to the sun, rain, snow, dust, and other weather elements.

Not only will the bag give your tools a home, but they will also be organized in one place and you won’t have a hard time looking for scissors and not being able to remember where you put it.

Plastic Storage Bins

You don’t want to leave the fertilizer, soil, and other materials in their own bags. They may not be made for storage and they may not be resealable which will compromise the quality of the soil and the fertilizer. The best thing for you to do is to purchase several plastic storage bins where you can put these materials. You should label them, too, to make it easier for you to find what you need. There are many different sizes, so buy a variety of storage bins for all your gardening materials.

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