Don’t we just love this season? Fiery leaves are falling and in many parts of America, snow has started to fall. Everywhere we go, there’s a holiday season vibe that seems to permeate the air. And over in our house, we’re prepping up for the much-awaited annual Thanksgiving dinner where we invite our family and friends for a night of marrying and well, eating. However, we want to make this year different. How do we do that?

First, let’s take a look at how we’re decorating our homes for this festive season.

Matching Succulents with Christmas Decors

Have you put up your Christmas trees and other Christmas ornaments? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t and don’t bother now for your Thanksgiving dinner. Christmas trees are better put up when you’re truly in that festive mood and not when you’re pressured and stressed out to do so. For this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, simply decorate your home with little knick-knacks of fresh succulent plants. Trust us, your home will be feeling Christmas-y and Thanksgiving-y in no time.

Succulents Providing Guests a Grand Welcome

Your patio is the first thing that your guests will notice when they arrive at your home. You’ll probably greet them there and you guys might even stay for a while to look at the neighborhood Christmas decorations. Make sure that your patio is inviting by putting up succulent ornaments. A simple hanging succulent in the entrance of your patio will look very chic and interesting. Simply put the hanging succulents in a glass orb and hang it from your patio’s ceiling. Just make sure you’re using a variety of succulent that will survive well during the winter season.

Succulents in the Living Room

Next, let’s look at your foyer or your living room. This is where your guests will have to wait until dinner is ready to be served. You’ll probably bring them a glass of champagne and some hors-d’oeuvres here. Focus on your table centerpieces where a miniature succulent garden should be in place. You can do this by purchasing a large terracotta pot with a wide opening, filling it up with soil, and designing them with pebbles, mini arbors, and miniature succulent plants. You can also use a large Jade tree in the corner of the room that you can decorate with twinkling Christmas lights. It’s going to look like your mini Christmas tree.

Succulents at the Dining Area

Finally, we arrive at your dining area where you and your guests are going to spend most of the dinner hours. Your guests will be focused on the food that you will serve, yes, but since they’re also in your dining table, you might as well give them something they can feast their eyes on. A grand succulent centerpiece is what we’re talking about. Think about how you’ll arrange a bouquet of roses. That’s how you want your succulent arrangement to look, too. You can use burro’s tail, rosettes, and other baby succulents to fill up the glass container. For this arrangement, you don’t need to put draining holes in the container since you’re going to return these plants to their original ones after dinner in your house.

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