Where do I
even begin? Let’s start with shipping. I live on a remote east coast
island. It generally takes a few days extra to receive any order. Not to
mention, the package will take a rocky ride…get thrown around on a
boat, on a dock, on a truck. And that’s just the trip it’ll take once it
ventures through general shipping travels. Not only did my succulents
arrive within a couple of days of ordering, they showed up in GREAT

Now, onto the customer service-A++++++. Because Cal Farms has
100s of different succulents, and are all picked & sent based on
season & other conditional factors, the succulents you receive will
not come with any identification. I was a little bummed when I became
aware of this. So, I emailed Cal Farms. I had a response within an hour,
asking that I snap a few pictures and they’d be glad to try and help
identify my plants. Within a day or so, I had an email with a number
list and the names of all 20 of my plants.

Cal Farms is incredible & they really care about their customers. I’d recommend them over and over. They’re the best!
10.29.2017 – Amazon Review – https://www.amazon.com/review/R2OD55ILMFJ2KK/ref=cm_cr_othr_d_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B072BQH5BH
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CAL Farms Succulents

Customer Reviews

Awesome shipping! They arrived just in time for my private party!

Mike Johnston
Columbus, OH
Perfect timing! Just in time for my wedding.

Melissa McCale
Glendale, AZ
I heard nothing but amazing things about CAL Farms and team. Their customer service is top notch!

Jeff Persails
Austin, TX

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