What is it with people these days and their love to throw parties for friends and families? Everywhere we look, it seems there’s something hip going around in the lives of our friends. Whether they are getting married, celebrating their Nth monthsary, or throwing a party for their kids’ birthdays, something is always hippin’ and hoppin’ with them that we can’t help but take notice of the styles and designs they use for their parties. Succulents like CAL Farms 36 of 2″ Beautiful Rosettes Succulents are great additions to a garden wedding or any event for that matter that uses a garden as its backdrop.

Do you want an indoor event? Not to worry. Succulents are so versatile and flexible that they can easily be incorporated into the bare backgrounds of a hotel ballroom or a restaurant’s private room. Transforming an event place becomes easier because succulent plants take on a character of their own. Aside from the fact that they look elegant on any table, their leaves also don’t have the tendency to fall off in the middle of a party.

Here are some creative ways on how to incorporate succulents in parties:

1. Centerpieces

Tired of the usual roses, tulips, orchids, sunflowers, and daisies that adorn your tables? Succulents are so easy on the eyes that many event stylists started incorporating them into the flower arrangements for the tables’ centerpieces. You can also use them on their own. Since there are many varieties of succulents, you can experiment with them and find the varieties that would look good on the table when put together. You can use succulents as a candle holder (provided that it won’t directly be affected by the melted candle) or as a table number holder. There are so many ways that succulents can beautify a simple table.

2. Souvenirs

Many event stylists now use succulents as party favors. Guests love receiving something that they can use to decorate their places or offices with. Although technically they would have to take care and maintain succulent plants, it involves nothing but making sure they get the right amount of sunlight and water, making them the perfect plants for even the most non-green-thumb person. Instead of choosing to give away souvenirs that would most probably go straight to the bin, try to incorporate succulents into the overall theme of your party and give them away as souvenirs to your guests. They would love the creativity and the thoughtfulness, and they would be “forced” to take care of the plants.

3. Backdrops

Do not be contented with having a simply registration table. Make the most out of your succulent plants by installing a vertical garden as the backdrop of your registration table. Instead of the usual tarpaulin bearing the name of the event, you can also opt to have a succulent vertical garden with the plants spelling out the event’s name or theme. You can also use succulents as the background for the photos the official photographer will take of your guests. Don’t simply let them stand in front of a blank wall or God forbid, a giant photo of your face.

4. Ceiling Treatment

Bare ceilings are a no-no. What use would all the flowers and props be on the stage, tables, floors, walls, etc., if your ceiling will be left bare. There are gorgeous varieties of succulent plants that could hang down the rim of a container and cascade down beautifully. Be creative on how your ceiling could catch the attention of your guests. If you think vertical gardens are cute, how about creating a hanging garden? Your guests will surely appreciate the effort.

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