Memorial Day is coming on the last Monday of May. The event honors the true patriots that have sacrificed a lot for this country over the years. If you are looking for ways to celebrate the huge contribution of our departed heroes in our nation-building, check out these unique succulent ideas for this glorious holiday.

American Flag-Inspired Succulent Arrangement

This Memorial Day tribute uses a variety of succulents that are specially arranged to imitate the American flag. The best varieties to use here are the rosette succulents.

Start by finding some red rosettes with matching sizes. You might need at least 24 of them for this project. The best types of succulents to use here are the ones belonging to the Echeveria genus. We highly recommend the Echeveria agavoides or the “Romeo Rubin” because of its rich red color.

You will also need to look for a large blue Echeveria rosette. The ideal plant to use here is the Echeveria imbricata or the Blue Rose succulent.

Next, get a wooden plant box painted in white, which is big enough to accommodate the succulents you have gathered so far. If you don’t have one, a plastic tray will do. It should be rectangular with an adequate amount of soil that’s enough to bury the roots of the rosettes completely.

After that, begin planting the Blue Rose on the upper-left portion of the wooden tray (looking from a top-down perspective). Then, line up the rest of the tray horizontally with the Romeo Rubin. Be sure to leave some empty strips in between rows. When done, line up the empty parcels of soil with white strips of wood or plastic forming a grille.

That’s it! You now have a succulent-based imitation of the US flag complete with all its colors.

All-American Succulent Pot Designs

This is pretty straightforward because you just have to paint your succulent pots or containers with the good old-fashioned stars and stripes. However, keep in mind the material used in your pot when deciding on what kind of paint to use.

Latex, Acrylic, and Epoxy paints are ideal for ceramic succulent pots. Epoxy is the best for this material but is more expensive than the other options. So if you want a more budget-friendly alternative, Acrylic and Latex should be good enough.

Terracotta pots are cheaper but painting them entails more work because of their porous make. So taking into consideration its properties, we recommend using Acrylic for it. You have to prime the pot too before applying the artwork to get the best results.


To maintain the health and beauty of the succulents used for this Memorial Day project, make sure to keep your plants watered at proper intervals. Use only well-draining soil to enable the right air circulation on the plant’s roots and to avoid water stagnation on that part. Lastly, see to it that the containers used have little holes at the bottom for the drainage of excess water.

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