People often say that succulent plants are the easiest to maintain. Somehow, that is true. They need very little water and sunlight.

You can leave them and they will still survive even under the harshest of environments. What is not true is that there is zero effort in keeping them alive.

Although succulent plants are widely known for being low maintenance, they still need your tender loving care. Here are some foolproof ways on how you can keep your succulent plants alive and healthy:

1. Give them breathing room.

Most succulent plans grow in warm and arid climates. This means that they will thrive more outdoors than they can indoors. Although they can live in your living rooms and even your bedrooms, it’s basically like putting your labrador in a cage, too. They may live, but they won’t thrive and they probably won’t last, too.

2. Don’t expose them to too much heat.

Although they can survive indoors and outdoors, succulents are also susceptible to getting sunburns, especially those colored green like CAL Farms Beautiful 36 of 2” Assorted Succulents. When the temperature hits the 90-degree mark, the plants can get burns on their leaves. If you are planning to put the succulents outside, make sure you choose those colored red, gray, or blue because they can deflect the sun’s rays. Those covered in spine will also work.

3. Use the right soil.

You should use a cactus mix that is fast drying because succulents shouldn’t be drowned in water. The soil should have a good drainage characteristic, so the succulents would not be subjected to too much water.

4. Water them sufficiently.

When we say sufficient, it really depends on subject on hand. Succulents don’t need too much water, but it doesn’t mean they can get dehydrated. You can kill succulents by overwatering them, but they may also wilt when not given proper water. Make sure the soil is almost dry before watering it again.

5. Put drainage.

Does it sound redundant already? Succulents barely need water, but they do need water. But then again, that doesn’t mean that they want the water to stay in their roots. Succulent roots hate having too much water in them, which may actually cause the plant to dry or even to die. Make sure that the container you’re using—whether indoors or outdoors—have vents or holes under, so they can act as a “drainage system.”

6. Feed the succulents.

Succulents need food, too. Once in a while, particularly before the growing season, you have to feed the succulents with organic fertilizer. What you can do is to cut the dose in half as not to overwhelm the plants. Remember, you don’t need to do this often—not even twice a year. Just once a year is enough.

7. Know the proper propagation.

Do you think succulents will grow again just because you cut its root off and dunk it in water? Succulents are not like that. Instead, you can do the opposite. Cut a stem and let it dry out for at least three days. You can then put it in a pot with the cactus mix and watch it grow.

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