When the temperature drops to below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it might be a signal for you to bring your succulent plants indoors. This will allow the plants like CAL Farms 2″ Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents to grow healthily without being subjected to the harsh weather conditions that winter brings. Though you can choose to grow cold-hardy succulents if you live in areas that have cold weather all-year-round, the lack of diversity might bore you.

Start deciding which succulent plants you want to bring in around August or September. Of course, transferring your plants inside is not as easy as it sounds. We don’t have as much space indoors as we have outdoors and it might even be a logical nightmare to bring the plants indoors, water them there, and find enough sunlight for them.

Here are 5 tips on providing proper care to your succulents in winter:

1. Water the Plants Outside Before Bringing Them In

It will be a hassle to water the plants indoors because where will the water go once it drains? It will take a lot of your time to bring the plants to the sink and wait for them to stop dripping. What you can do is to water them outside for one last time before bringing them indoors. That way, you’ve saved one water cycle and your house will stay nice and dry.

2. Use a Well-Draining Soil

To make it easier for the plants to transition from your outdoor garden to the insides of your home, you must use a well-draining soil and ensure that your container has drainage holes. Succulents will grow better indoors if they have the right soil and the right container. You can mix your own well-draining soil or you can use some premixed ones, so you won’t have to slave for hours finding the right balance.

3. Prepare the Pot for Inside Use

You are not only bringing the succulents inside, you’re bringing the pots and containers, too. Prepare the pots by removing any leaves or debris from the pot. If the pots and containers have dried out leaves in them, remove those and reapply your top dressing. This will make sure that the pot looks nice; as if it is new again.

4. Use the Right Amount of Water

Many succulents are dormant during the winter, so they don’t really need that much water. Some can grow actively and demand less attention during the winter. Isn’t that the best? Before winter even comes, you need to check the variety of succulents you have, so you can read about the best way to care for them during the season. If your succulents grow during the winter, they will most likely need water more often. But keep in mind that the general rule is to water the plants only when the soil is completely dried.

5. Get Plenty of Sunlight

The most difficult thing to provide to your plants during the winter is sunlight. Place your succulents near a window that gets the most light. Ideally, the window should get the brightest light all day. The winter days are shorter, so you need to make sure that the succulents are exposed to whatever kind of sunlight there is for at least six hours a day. You can also use grow lights, though that will be a lot of work.

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