If you are living in a small place, like in a dormitory or a condominium unit, but you want to have a little bit of nature to surround you, your best bet is to make an indoor succulent garden. Planting succulents like the CAL Farms Beautiful 36 of 2″ Assorted Succulents are not only great because they provide the fresh air that we need indoors, but they are also easy to maintain and such a breeze to look at.

Most people simply put the succulents in mini containers (that they either bought from a hardware or gardening store or a container they have at home). However, transferring the succulents from the pots that they came from and to a container of your own choosing takes a little bit of practice and know-how.

1. Plant Above the Rim of the Container

The succulent needs to be above the rim of the container. If the soil is way below the rim, the chance is that the water will pool and will not flow out from the sides (just in case you put too much). This can cause the succulent to wither and die. The leaves inside the container will rot and that can cause problem to the whole plant in the long run. When putting soil into the container, don’t just put the roots and then the soil into it. Give the roots a shallow base of soil.

2. Pack Them Tight

One of the most usual questions about planting succulents is if they need to be packed tightly when they are planted. You can pack them tight, meaning there is minimal space in between the succulents, but they grow slower this way. On the other hand, they will look better and they will maintain the original form of the arrangement. You can pack them farther apart as well if you want them to grow faster. But in this arrangement, they won’t look as nice as the plants tightly packed together.

3. Let the Succulents Hang Over the Rim

This is not really something you need to do for the health of the succulents. It’s more for aesthetic reasons. To make your arrangement a little more interesting, let the succulents hang over the rim of the container. To achieve the right look, you can use trailing succulents like String of Pearls. They actually hang over the side of the pot, or you can simply let the rosettes cover the edges.

4. Add Some Height

Add tall succulents that will give more dimension to your arrangement. That doesn’t mean you only need to buy succulents that will grow tall though. You need the smaller ones, too, to accentuate the height of the tall succulents. Though succulents of the same height look neat inside a pot, they don’t add any interesting style to the room. When you’ve got dimensions in your succulent container, that could boost the overall look of the garden.

5. Use Top Dressing

Don’t simply plant the succulent in the soil and leave it be. Add some dressing to the soil. You can use stones and pebbles to do this. The plant will look better with the top dressing. You need to make sure the container has proper drainage, too, so that your plant will stay healthy.

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