Succulent plants have become quite trendy in the past years. It’s all over the television, magazine, and social media. We see succulents in almost every nook and cranny of traditional and new media. It is being advertised as a good alternative to planting a full-on garden. It is especially ideal for people who live in small spaces such as flats and condominium units.

However, shopping for succulents plants like CAL Farms 36 of 2″ Beautiful Rosettes Succulents is not always an easy task. In fact, it has been very challenging to pick up a succulent plant unless you have an expert-like experience on growing and taking care of it. Succulent plants, in a nutshell, is a choice of many for house plants, but it is not exactly easy to find nor easy to purchase.

Here are some of the things you have to look out for when buying succulent plants:

1. Look for Dry Soil

You need the plants to have dry soil. Otherwise, it means the succulents have been overwatered and if there’s a single most critical point we can make about succulent plants, it is making sure that they are watered just right.

Succulents don’t need a lot of water, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need it all the same. To really take care of succulents, they must be watered according to a very tight schedule and indicators.

If the soil is still damp to the touch, chances are that the plants don’t need watering just yet. When the soil is dry, that’s a pretty good indicator that the plant is now ready to be watered.

2. Pick Those with Full Leaves

Those full, compact, plump and squeezable leaves are the reason why succulents are so amazing to look at. Is there any kind of plant that could offer the same look?

When the leaves are plump to the touch, this means that the plant is healthy. When it’s not and it looks and feels dry, then the plant may be underwatered.

As mentioned above, succulent plants must be watered with the right kind of balance. Otherwise, it will either be too moist or too dry. Either way won’t be good for the plants.

3. Bring a Box with You

Succulent plants are hard to transport. Since the soil is very dry, it can easily spill when the road gets too rough or when you drive too fast. Yes, even when it is planted in a pot.

What you can do is to bring a box where the pot can fit in nicely and snuggly. This will prevent the soil from spilling over on the side. Don’t think of the soil as just soil because the soil used in succulent plants is quite a special mixture. You might not want to make a run to the shop again to pick up a bag of soil because everything spilled on your way home.

4. Read About Succulents

You have to know what kind of succulents you want to purchase. Succulents are pretty to look at, but they can sometimes be overwhelming. There seems to be a lot of things about the plants that you have to take notice and study. Read as much as you can about succulents and make sure that you bring this knowledge with you once you’re in the store. The succulent seller should know that he’s talking about with someone who did ample research about succulent plants.

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