It’s February and it’s that time of the year again when we have to come up with ideas on how to surprise our loved ones this coming Valentine’s Day. Forget the usual flowers and chocolates as they are too overrated already and too overused for this occasion.

Why not level up your game with some of these amazing gift ideas for Valentine’s Day using succulent plants?

1. Succulents Bouquet

As we have discussed before, succulents are better alternatives to the conventional bouquet of flowers during Valentine’s Day. A bouquet of flowers can drive you from $30 up to a hundred dollars, and buying them during Valentine’s Day can cost you more because sellers tend to notch up their prices due to high demand.

For less than the said prices, starting at $25.99 to be exact, you can already get your partner CAL Farms Beautiful Assorted Variety Succulents Starter Kit Great Gift Box consisting of nine carefully handpicked, rooted, healthy varieties of rosette succulents in different colors. Each plant comes with 2-inch carefully packaged nursery pots and guide on how to care for it.

All you have to do is fashion the contents of the Succulents Starter Kit into a bouquet using a crepe paper, tissue paper, or any decorative type of paper. Voila, you just made yourself a bouquet of succulents.

2. Succulents Necklace

The succulent necklace is perfect for your plant-loving partner. However, this entails a lot of work so it’s better if you just buy one online. If you really want to make an effort for the recipient of your gift though, better get the materials ready for some DIY affair. Note that you are not actually using an organic succulent plant for this. Use a faux succulent instead.

To give you a rundown on what you have to do, first you have to make a small pot using a Sculpey Oven Bake Clay. Insert a pair of shortened eye pins on each side of the molding, which will later be used to attach the lace or jewelry chain. Color or decorate the molding as you please, and bake. Finish it up by attaching the faux succulent on it, and the lace or jewelry chain.

3. Heart Tin Can, Decorative Pots or Mini Decorative Bottles Filled with Succulents

These are pretty straightforward because you just have to find yourself any of the mentioned containers that are big enough to house your plant. Next, partly put some loose garden soil or potting mix in your chosen container. Replant some rosette succulents there, and you’re done.

More Valentine’s Day Gifts From CAL Farms

If you still want to go with the traditional roses for Valentine’s Day, we highly recommend the CAL Farms Artificial Flowers, which is on sale now. The handmade faux roses are made of premium latex foam materials to make them very realistic. Each rose head measures 3 inches in diameter with a 10-inch stem. You can spray these imitation flowers with any of the natural fragrance oils that your partner prefers to make them as real as possible.

Aside from the fact that these are more affordable than organic flowers, it’s also hard to tell them apart from the real ones. As a bonus, they do not wither and could make a fine everlasting decorative piece at home.

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