Plants like CAL Farms 36 of 2″ Beautiful Rosettes Succulents are such wonderful addition to any home garden or a miniature garden you have in your living room and in the lobby of your office building. These robust and fleshy plants can survive in the harshest environments and they require very little maintenance for them to be healthy.

Starting your very own miniature succulent garden is very easy. All you need are some gardening tools, succulent plants (of course), and these tips right here.

1. Gather Your Materials

You can find all the materials you need in the gardening department of a local hardware, home improvement store or here in Cal Farms.

What you need are the following: a small and compact container like 6 In Set 2.5 Inch Owl Pot Ceramic Flowing Glaze Base Set Succulent Plant Pot Cactus Plant Pot Flower Pot Container Planter, gardening soil, small stones or pebbles, and the succulent plant of your choice. These would cost you $20 to $30 or sometimes, even less than that. Try and go when it’s the sale season, so you can maximize your money and purchase more decorative pieces for your mini garden. When you have all of these things, you can finally start your succulent garden.

2. Choose the Succulents You Want to Plant

When we talk about succulents, what springs to people’s minds is cacti seeing as they are the most popular succulent plants known to us. But there are many different types of succulents that may be lesser known but are equally gorgeous and relaxing to look at. These are Echeveria, aloe, cotyledon, sempervivum and agave. Keep in mind that you should choose succulent plants that will fit your personality, as well as the kind of garden you have in mind. Though all succulents are great to look at, not all of them fit the lifestyle and the look that you want for your garden.

Some other things you need to consider when choosing the succulents to plant is the climate in the place where you live in, how much sunlight do you get in a year, and how much time can you devote taking care of the plants. Succulents are very easy to maintain and take care of, but they wither and die when they don’t receive the proper amount of sunlight and water. You should also consider how large the plants will get once they start to grow. Remember that you are aiming for a miniature garden. This means you cannot purchase and choose succulents that will eventually grow in height.

3. Pick the Right Container Size

It’s easy to get lost in the many options you will see in the gardening department. You have to pick the right container size, though. That’s vital if you want to meet the miniature garden that you are aiming for. Ceramic bowls are a good place to start, and you can choose from a variety of designs and colors that these are available in. Remember that since you want to have a mini garden, you must choose a container that would be no larger than a houseplant pot. You may also opt to keep things simple by choosing a basic flower pot.

To make your garden more unique, you can choose to plant in mason jars, fish bowls, bird feeder, wheelbarrow, and even an old pair of rubber boots. It’s all in the arrangement, really. You can be very creative and imaginative in the containers that you choose.

Remember, though, that whatever container you choose, make sure that they provide proper drainage and spaces between plants. This will allow the plants to grow out faster and better.

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